In the heart of the chain of health

For almost one century now, HANFF – Global Health Solutions insures the mission as a reliable partner of the pharmaceutical industry :

  • Distribution of medicine and other pharmaceutical products to pharmacists

  • Guarantee of the high service and quality demands from business partners pharmaceutical laboratories and suppliers

Aware of its role as a healthcare partner, HANFF – Global Health Solutions is demonstrating every day the excellence of his performance, that outclasses the legal obligations as a simple wholesale trade. As an acknowledged expert in marketing strategies, HANFF – Global Health Solutions is always one step ahead and reflects the high requirements given by his clients and partners in service of the patients and the health services.

HANFF - Global Health Solutions is ISO 9001:2008 and since 2016 GDP (Good Distribution Practices) certified.

A car pool with 16 vehicles that supplies :

95 pharmacies
7 hospitals
100 veterinarians

100 staff members including :

2 pharmacists
1 doctor
1 biologist
19 medical and pharmaceutical representatives
2 sales representative exclusively for pharmacies
delivery staff of 16 persons

Management of :

1.200 daily purchase orders
20.000 references in stock of human and veterinary products, medical supplies and nutritional supplements.

1919, François Ferdinand Hanff, chemical engineer, and Joseph Hanff, pharmacist, establish the company "F. Hanff & Cie" based in Schifflange. Its perspective is to manufacture a wide range of chemical, industrial and pharmacological products as well as manufacturing all kinds of laboratory glassware.

Im august 1928 the company’s headquarters move from Schifflange to Luxembourg, 1938, Joseph Hanff and its two sons, Théodore and Nicolas transform the company into "J. Hanff & Cie". Various expansions of the building located in rue de la Vallée are done in the 40’s and 50’s, and in 1959 the company changed his name into « Hanff Frères Luxembourg ».
In 1975 Hanff Frères introduces the medical representation and 1989 diversifies his offers in animal health care to guarantee a quality service to the veterinary customers.
Years 2000 : Hanff Frères creates the service of scientific literature.
August 2011 : the headquarters move to Ellange, to accommodate the growth of the company. This new site offers a high degree of performance and automation, a complete traceability which meets the environmental standards.

It’s the perfect occasion to bring all the offers and activities together under the name of HANFF – Global Health Solutions with its 5 branches: Pharma, Vet, Logistics, Regulatory and Hygiene. On the top of the IT, Logistic and Controlling Equipment, HANFF – Global Health Solutions is becoming the most modern and performing luxembourgish site of pharmaceutical distribution.